Artists & Ceramics

A la Carte ceramic plates

At La Palme d’Or restaurant, the tableware from e=sc2 is designed by Christian Sinicropi and crafted by his wife, Catherine. Several years ago, having mastered the secrets of ceramics, the couple began creating plates and other utensils to hold the Chef’s entire culinary composition. Having studied the art alongside his wife at the École des Beaux-Arts in nearby Vallauris, this tableware is another tangible embodiment of his overall vision of cuisine that includes producers, breeders, farmers, market gardeners, cooks, as well as artists and ceramists.

Cannes Film Festival - Jury’s Dinner

It is an annual ritual. An electrifying moment. Movie-buff Chef Christian Sinicropi secretly prepares the menu for the Dinner for Members of the Cannes Film Festival Jury. This elaborate creative endeavor is an edible homage to the filmography of that year’s President of the Jury, a body of work that is painstakingly studied and interpreted to ultimately dictate the entire menu.

The notion of a special menu dedicated to the Members of the Jury first arose in 2010, an almost instinctive response to Tim Burton’s being announced as President. Each dish is served in a specially designed ceramic vessel on the theme of a movie created with his wife, Catherine.

Courses of boundless ingenuity came to be that first year, christened with fairytale names, like “L’Arbre et Rêverie” as a tribute to the movie Big Fish, “La Danse du Haut de Forme,” a nod to the director’s cult film Alice in Wonderland, with a chocolate hat hiding Alice’s bag filled with wild strawberries. Every year heralds a new culinary theme, always unusual, ever extraordinary, endlessly offbeat, from Taxi Driver when Robert de Niro was President in 2011, to Jaws for Steven Spielberg in 2013, to High Heel for Pedro Almodóvar in 2017. Other achievements paid tribute to Jeanne Campion, the Coen brothers, and, more recently, Australian Cate Blanchett, President of the 2018 Jury.

Artistic Collaborations

In addition to their creations, Christian and Cathy Sinicropi collaborate with contemporary artists. The first project was initiated in 2011 with the painter and plastic artist Patrick Moya. Subsequently, Steph Cop, sculptor artist from the Morvan or Shaka Marchal. Also, in 2018, Alëxone, another street artist, signs with the Chef a penguin bell revealing a dish of langoustine.


Marchal Mithouard dit Shaka


Laurent MÔ

Steph Cop